Do you sleep with your makeup on?

Magic Makeup Remover Clean


blackheads • acne • dull skin • uneven skin tone • dry skin • redness • fine lines • prematurely aged skin • eye infections, and styes

Did you know all of these skin concerns and many more can be caused by sleeping with your makeup on? Our skin repairs itself at night. Sebum, the natural lubricant in our skin, moisturizes and removes dead skin cells while we sleep. Makeup clogs our pores, prevents sebum from doing it’s job, and increases exposure to free radicals (picked up and stored by your makeup throughout the day), leading to collagen breakdown. All of which can lead to many very common skin conditions. We’ve all done it; it is easy to fall asleep with your makeup on, but it can ruin your complexion for weeks or even cause permanent damage. Bottom line: It’s not worth it. Take a few minutes to care for you. Clean that makeup off with your Magic Makeup Remover before you lay your head on your pillow. You will feel better and your skin will thank you.

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